Which Pokemon To Use For Nyx Battle

I have access to 8 Pokemon (rotation) and don’t know which ones to use for Nyx battle. I am playing the game on easy mode, but this battle is very hard. Plz help me out. Here are my 8 Mons (disclaimer: all are deltas):

  1. Venusaur (Moonblast, Psychic, Draining Kiss, Psycho Boost) (Mega Stone)
  2. Bisharp (Tailwind, Blaze Kick, High Jump Kick, Acrobatics) (Mega Stone)
  3. Muk (Recover, Bulldoze, Earthquake, Magnitude) (N/A)
  4. Haxorus (Aqua Tail, Hydro Pump, Heavy Slam, Ice Fang) (N/A)
  5. Gallade (Ice Beam, Thunder Punch, Wild Charge, Drain Punch) (Mega Stone)
  6. Snorlax (Wood Hammer, Energy Ball, Seed Bomb, Belly Drum) (Leftovers)
  7. Ambipom (Shadow Ball, Destiny Bond, Hyper Voice, Curse) (Focus Sash)
  8. Sunflora (Flamethrower, Corrode, Sludge Wave, Incinerate) (Mega Stone)

Tell me what I need to do to make this team better. Plz & Thank u. :slight_smile:

For super effectiveness have Bisharp vs. Amaura (Acrobatics), Haxorus/Muk vs. Breloom (Aqua Tail/EQ), Venusaur/Ambipom vs Greninja (Psychic/Shadow Ball), Ambipom vs. Kangaskhan (Shadow Ball), Gallade vs. Garchomp (Thunder Punch), Hax/Muk/Venusaur/Bisharp/Gallade vs. Exeggutor (Aqua Tail/EQ/Psychic/High Jump Kick/Thunder Punch)

So you play in easy mode… That simplefy a lot of things. Because i know mecanics a lot, I always think the easy mode and the main games gives no challenge to me, so do the normal mode, whitout giving me restrictions. I don’t want to tell you that you are bad, quite the opposite, I just say I might be a realiable source of information.

First, her Pokémon will be much weaker that they might seems. Her stats are 32,26% of their maximum avaliable (since their IV are set to 10, where the maximum valiue is 31) and they do not have increased value froms the likes of Vitamins like Iron, Carbon, etc. This mean you will have a stats advantage over her.

Her team is:
Arororus: Thunderbolt, Ice Beam, Ancient Power, Light Screen
Brellom: Seed Bomb, Leach Seed, Force Palm, Headbutt
Greninja: Hydro Pump, Double Team, Dark Pulse, Smokescreen
Garchomp: Earthquake, Dragon Rush, Crunch, Fire Fang
Exeggutor: Leaf Storm, Sleep Powder, Extrasensory, Explosion
Mega Kangaskan: Sucker Punch, Fake out, Power-up Punch, Dizzy Punch

Your team:

  1. Mega Delta Gallade
  2. Delta Haxorus
  3. Delta Snorlax
  4. Delta Bisharp
  5. Delta Venusaur
  6. Delta Muk
    Unfortunatelly, outside of Delta Gallade and Delta Haxorus, your team is weak to her’s. No wonder it was super hard. The sets you are using are also unadapted or outright bad.

Delta Gallade
Nyx always lead whit her Aurorus, it makes Delta Gallade a good choice to get rid of her whit an Ice Punch or an Icicle Crash. Use only Physical Attacks on him because he have an extremely low special attack (65 base stats). Remember the weaknesses and resistences are inverted, so he have quite nice resistences. I suggest a set of:

Item: Mega Stone
-Icicle Crash
-Wild Charge
-Ice Shard
-Sowrds Dance / Bulk Up

Ice and Elecrik hit all of her Pokemon hard exept her Kangaskan. Ice Shard gives priority to beat a weaken Pokémon and/or a faster Pokémon like her Greninja might be. If fast enough, he can easily beat her whole team on its own. Swords Dance double your attack stat if used once and make shure you sweep though her team. I simply don’t recommend using Swords Dance until her Aurorus is defeated. However, Bulk Up might be used to tank more easily her Kangaskan’s Sucker Punch thanks to the defense boost.
After Nyx, give the Mega Stone to Venusaur. His ability is BROKENLLY STRONG and I recommend to never haves more than 1 Pokémon holding the Mega Stone, given how powerfull the items are.

Maybe the greatest water-type you can get. Again, use mainly physical attack because he haves the same problem as Gallade. However, her whole team gets rekt by Aqua-Jet and other Wather-type move. Once her Aurorus is defeated, only her Kangaskan might Stands in your way (Garchomp too if you are really slow). Otherwise, if you manage to pull this off, you can already say “GG” and start spamming Wather-Type attacks.

You made the mistake to forget Aqua-Jet. Since he could only learn it via his pre-evolution, you lost the masterpeace of his set. The only way to get it back is by breeding it whit a delta ditto at the day care and get another Haxorus.

Item: Mystic Water
-Aqua Tail
-Heavy Slam
-Swords Dance

What you have:
Item: Mystic Water
-Ice fang
-Aqua Tail
-Heavy Slam
-Swords Dance

Use Swords Dance and say GG. In my first game in normal mode, he defeated 4/6 Pokémon as if they were nothing. He did have Aqua-Jet, whitch you don’t have, but since you are in easy mode, you may be able to live without it. Be warned, you may be in trouble if you miss Aqua Tail against her Geninja, Garchomp or Kangaskan. Garchomp and Kangaskan can KO your Pokémon while Greninja can become unhitable.

If these two aren’t enough, you might me under-leveled or you have trouble whit the opposite battle system. Tell me if you want further explanation about the other 4 Pokémon.

In short: Bisharp, Hax, Venu, Ambi, Gallade, and Muk.

D. Bisharp has 4x super effective against Aurorus with Acrobatics, so using him to clear a path for D. Gallade is useful. Also, D. Muk is better than D. Snorlax for this battle. Breloom will easily take out M-D Gallade too, so Muk and Hax are to counter any threats she can pull. Ambi is the best one to take out Kangaskhan with a super effective Shadow Ball or remove any threat with Destiny Bond.

Ice has only one weakness in inverted battle: Ice. So, it has only a simple weakness to acrobatic.

It’s just that his shadow ball has no way to OHKO Kang and the dies to Fake Out (or loose much of his HP). It’s just so weak and frail! It would be better whit Shadow Claw and Protect to avoir Fake Out. I was hesitating a lot about him.

Brellom is slower than Gallade and Gallade OHKO Brellom whit Wild Charge.

Yeah… I took Delta Snorlax because I didn’t have idea for him. Muk as better, I recon.

Either way, Acrobatics with Flying Gem clears Aurorus w/out risking D. Gallade, as it cannot setup on Aurorus.

Thank you BOTH for the great advice #Grateful I took a nap yesterday so I didn’t see your replies, but I just beat Nyx! Thanks a bunch!

I can say from experience that steel type gets absolutely ROLLED. Too many weaknesses. Be careful with that, and avoid it at all costs.