Which one pt 2

i was thinking about ferr

From a competitive stand point I’d say Ferrothorn. For max offense kyurem

Yeah, Gyro ball Ferro probably does more than Kyurem ever could. Also, Leech Seed, Iron Barbs, hazards…

Yeah from competitive Ferrothorn. This game isn’t as casual considering there are just some broken new mons

leech seeds an egg move tho

pretty sure there’s a tutor with leech seed so

EDIT Turns out there is no leech seed tutor


Still Knock Off and Gyro Ball. Great def and atk.

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true, plus a ton of resistances and only 2 weaknesses which can be nice during a randomizer where u dont know what ur gonna battle against

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and sr in selene and spikes as a tm

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TMs are randomized.

Yeah, but that doesn’t an he can’t get it. The move stays the same, it’s just the location that’s different