Which of these teams would be more fun to use?

Mega Eevee (Psychic, Thunderbolt, Foul Play, Moonblast) Mega Stunfisk Conkeldurr Clawitzer Talonflame Delta Luxray


Mega Delta Venusaur Mega Delta Gallade Garchomp Aegislash Something Something

Before you jump at me for having two Megas, hear me out. Since battles against a wide variety of types are few and far between, I’ll only need one or two of Pokémon. The in-game trainers rarely switch. As such, I can sweep them with a Mega, plus a few non-Megas.

You can use both, and switch them out occasionally


You can use one team, and when you’ve used it for a bit you can switch them out… I have too many competitive mons in my box I think that’s what I’ll do

What about my starter? What about Damian’s starter?

I don’t understand what you’re asking.

You said to swap them out.

Are we talking using one file for both teams?

i meant to use one team and put the other in the pc

Once I buy those four 'mons for you, my Eevee team will be ready.

I have no idea about the D. Venusaur team.

If I’m reading you right, you’re saying to use both interchangeably on one file.

The problem is that I can only get one Mega Stone from the hatted guy in Helios City. This Mega Stone depends on my starter. Unless I trade or haggle, I can’t get both Delta Venusaurite AND Eevite.


I may or may not have a delta venusaurite and eevite :wink:


Are you seriously offering to sell me a starter Mega Stone for MORE IV Stones?!

I actually only have eevite at the moment :sweat:

How much?

I have an extra Delta Venusaurite I can give for you for 4 IV stones.

The Eevee team is underway.

I need help with my next team. My next team needs some work. Offer something for it.

Mega Delta Venusaur (Calm Mind, Leech Seed, Psychic, Moonblast)

Mega Delta Gallade (Swords Dance, Thunderpunch, Ice Punch, Leaf Blade)

Garchomp (Swords Dance, Iron Head, Earthquake, Dragon Claw) OR Gliscor (Substitute, Protect, Toxic, Earthquake)

Aegislash (Swords Dance, Iron Head, King’s Shield, Shadow Claw)

Maybe Porygon-Z (Agility, Nasty Plot, Tri Attack, Thunderbolt or Dark Pulse)


Dropping my price for D. Venusaurite down to 4 IV stones.