Which is better

Which is better d. Gallade or d. Gardevoir I dont know what to evolve my d. Kirlia into

usually it’s d gard who’s better

Well, I think it comes down to your team.

Delta Gallade is a physical Wallbreaker and revenge killer. Unlike Gardevoir, it has a good boosting move in Swords Dance and can effectively use Ice Shard. It does lack stabs as reliable as Thunderbolt and Ice Beam, but Wild Charge and Icicle Crash is good enough. With 110 speed, Delta Gardevoir have a much better Mega Evolution than Delta Gardevoir. Keep in mind it’s poor bulk and lacking defensive typing makes it difficult to Mega Evolve at times.

Delta Gardevoir, on the other hand, is one of the best revenge killer for your adventure. Give her a Choice Scarf, Thunderbolt, Ice Beam, Earth Power and Moonblast and you have the ability to revenge kill ANY Dragon Type in the game plus many bulky Water or Steel type. It’s also the best Nyx counter in the game without mentioning it’s also devastating against the champion. Gallade can use Choice Scarf too, but Wild Charge recoil and Icicle Crash inaccuracy can be troublesome.

also gallade is cooler. seriously have you seen its mega? its dope af

I have both on my D. Gallade in my second save via the Kirlia Stage.

It’s current moveset is:
Ice Beam
Wild Charge
Ice Punch

It wasn’t easy trading Calm Mind for Wild Charge but at the time I didn’t want to let go of anything else.
I might use the move re-learner to get it back in place of Ice Beam when I get Icicle Crash. Calm Mind is a good support for D. Gallade’s poor Special Attack. Even without though mine has been pretty damn reliable and the shiny looks so dope. I can’t wait to get it’s mega stone.

I have D. Gardevior in my first save (hence the reason I went with D. Gallade in the second. I wanted to experience both) and the thing wrecks the entire Helios city arc.

Oh god PLEASE look at its stats. It got a base special attack of 65! How in the heavens could you make it usable? Sorry if that’s condescending but I just had a bad day so far. Anyway, you are better of using Swords Dance, Ice Shard or Earthquake.

Wait d gallade gets eq? I had no idea

It is stated in the Wiki alongside its whole learnset. You should check it out.

I didn’t realize it got Earthquake either, sweet.

I don’t 100%, that’s the reason I ditched Calm Mind for Wild Charge to even out its move set.
I’ll keep Ice Shard and Earthquake in mind, mostly Ice Shard because I have STAB Earthquake on my D. Muk.

Delta Gallade has an advantage over Delta Gardevoir in the Mega department because of his better stat distribution.


Might as well get both