Which is better Delta Noivern OR Delta Scizor

I am make a team to fight my friend so i am wondering which is better


It depends on which typing you need more

Thanks but just wondering which would you have on your team

And for this team

Delta Charizard
Greninja: Delta Vespiquen: Delta Noivern: or Delta Scizor Delta Muk: Delta Gallade:

Delta Noivern since you already have Delta Gallade.

I would have Delta Scizor in general


I will go with noivern anyway

But do you think theres a better pokemon for that spot

Delta Snorlax or Rocky Helmet phys def Tangrowth would be amazing on your team.

Delta Scizor > Delta Noivern in general, because it has a more competitive moveset. But your team is incredibly weak to Fighting as it is. Most fighting types have coverage (EdgeQuake) to hit Delta Charizard, your only check. Noivern and Scizor only compound this weakness. I like the idea of a grass type to complete a simple FWG offense core, but Noivern really isn’t the best option.

Will comment more if you want.

Thanks so much but if you were to edit it your self what would you do Just wondering

Without changing the skeleton of your team too much, I’ll keep most of the Pokemon and the ideal role compendium. Note that this is just the way I would build the team, sets can vary between people. Keep in mind that due to Greninja’s presence this team will be Ubers, and there are more options in that tier, but it won’t matter much if it’s just against your friend with no banlist.

Delta Charizard (Mixed Dragon Dance + Roost / Full Special Attacker)
Greninja (Protean Attacker)
Delta Muk (Stealth Rock Tank / Toxic Stallbreaker)
Delta Gallade (SD Physical BoltBeam)
Delta Vespiquen (Shift Gear Setup Sweeper)

Since you have an entry hazard setter, speed control and wallbreakers; you may want to look into a bulky pivot. Coincidentally, the best pivots that suit your team just so happen to be grass.

Tangrowth (Phys Def Regenerator)
Amoonguss (Mixed Def Pivot)
Delta Snorlax (Synthesis Wall)

The sets are pretty specific, so if you want to know the set details just ask which one.


Thanks so much since i can’t get Delta Snorlax which would be better for my team and also i got the delta wooper from the mystery gift so would that work also could you show some good moves because i dont understand some of them

Delta Wooper compounds a Rock, as well as Stealth Rock, weakness.

Tangrowth (Giga Drain, Knock Off, Leech Seed / Synthesis / Sleep Powder, HP Ice / Fire / Rock Slide / Earthquake) with a pure Physical spread of 252 / 252+ / 4 and Rocky Helmet is probably your safest bet. Because of the already high Defense stat, physical Fighting moves will have a hard time denting it without a Choice Band, despite it not having a resist. I’d say that you’re weaker to ground types, because Vespiquen with Levitate is a shaky check, especially if you’re up against Mold Breaker Choice Scarf Excadrill. Alternatively, you can run Assault Vest if you want to be safer against Special Fighting moves, but it’s less threatening.

Amoonguss would be good too, albeit shakier, but you do get a fighting resist, and Spore is a really good move to have. The choice between Def , SpDef or Mixed EV spread is up to you. I’d go with a purer Physically Defensive spread, maybe 252 / 176+ / 80; I’ll get back to you on that.

So yeah, Tangrowth > Amoonguss. Just make sure you have Regenerator.

Ok thanks

could you also say for Delta Muk , Delta Gallade and Delta Vespiquen i didn’t understand them and what level to evolve Delta Kirlia at

Delta Kirlia evolves using a Dawn Stone, not by level.

Delta Muk runs Stealth Rock, Earthquake, Taunt / Toxic, Recover Delta Gallade runs Swords Dance, Wild Charge / Thunder Punch, Icicle Crash, Ice Shard Delta Vespiquen runs Shift Gear, Iron Head, Flare Blitz, Wildfire / Return

yes but at different levels Kirlia and Gallade learn different attacks thats what i meant

Evolve kirlia asap, it won’t be learning any good physical attacks as a kirlia

i just did i looked at the page on it also what would be a good move set for greninja and charizard also d charizard can’t learn roost