Which Delta Starter

Now i’m playing pokemon insurgence for the first time but i think i’ve got it under control but since this post is about starters lets get to it, i would suggest delta charmander as him being the pokemon i’ve always chosen as a starter pokemon plus his delta form looks real cool with those types and charmander is pretty good overall probably one of the best in the bunch in pokemon game starters or atleast second best with there being only 3 starters but if someone likes one of the delta pokemon looks and its really bad or its really good and looks super dumb i would probably get the better one even if it does not look good and then eventually get the starters somewhere in the game and what delta they were as a starter pokemon which is probably what i’m gonna do just for fun probably and for looks in a party so basically what i’m saying is it does not matter which starter you choose because you might get the starters as the delta form that they were as a starter in telon or telnon town or whatever its called because your probably gonna get them anyway but for my choice as a starter will be of course the delta charmander

Um that’s not how typing works, neither of them are fire/water types so you had an equal playing field against Damien