Which Delta Fire type should I use?

I need a fire type for story but I don’t know which one to get (has to be delta)

My team is:
Delta Venusaur
Delta Gardevoir
Delta Haxorous
Delta Ambipom
Delta Scrafty

Route 4 Hidden Grotto.You can get Delta Combee there.

I already have a steel type so I wont use it

Where are you in the game,exactly?

I,m in Murk forest

Correction,Delta Sunkern.

Isnt its stats trash?

Do you want a Fire type with another type you don’t have or not?

I like Sunflora so I’ll take it will just be annoying to get it’s mega

You don’t exactly NEED its mega stone.

True I can attach something like leftovers or lagging tail(for analytic) to it instead


And if you’re dissatified with it,you can wait until you get Tesseract and head back to Fiery Caverns to catch Delta Snorunt.

I was thinking of Delta snorunt but I have a massive steel issue on my team and I think both glalie and froslass are part rock

Only Delta Glalie is fire-rock.Froslass is pure fire and the mega’s fire-ghost.

How late in the game is Tesseract

Dragon Ruins,post Selene Gym.

I’ll use Froslass then, thanks

OK.See ya.

I know you said it has to be a delta, but I like Infernape so I will tell you to use Infernape
You can find a chimchar in a hidden grotto in Murk Forest