Where to go now

I’ve just defeated the eighth gym and Nora called me to go to Gaea town but I don’t have the Climbing Boots. Am I supposed to have the Climbing Boots or is there another way into Gaea town?

go to amphirite
im pretty sure im wrong but try it

Hiking Boots
|Given to the player by Gail in the Perfection Base after beating the Timeless and starting the Taen Quest|

Yep, after the 8th gym go to Amphitrite. You should see Jaern fighting a cultist in the south part of the city

She didn’t say to go to Gaea town: she said she was on her way there, but she saw Jaern in Amphitrite city fighting a damned cultist, so you have to go there.

Sometimes it better to not skip dialogue because it does direct you.