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Where to find the girl with 100 snowballs?

I have completed the snowball quest but I can’t find the girl in Deyrann Town to give me the 100snowballs. Where is she?

  • Collect 100 Snowballs for the NPC in Settlement Juliet for 15 IV Stones. Though he requests 100 Snowballs, he only insists on taking 50.

I have to find 100 snowballs first which I am supposed to get from the girl in Deyraan town? But I can’t find the girl

Several quests involve collecting large numbers of Snowballs in exchange for items. Hidden Snowballs are scattered throughout several different snowy locations. Additionally, wild Vanillite, Vanillish, and Vanilluxe have a 5% chance to hold a Snowball.

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Ok thanks. Just realise I need to activate the Delta quest first