Where or How Can I Evolve Magneton?

when trying to evolve Magneton, Nosepass … According to the Bulbapedia It evolves by raising it a level in a place with great Magnetic intensity for example in NB / N2B2 in the electrical cave of route 6 Here in Pokémon Insurgence What is that place is the Power Farm, or you just have to go up to a specific level, or with a Thunder stone, enough?

Go inside the whirl islands, all the floors except the blue icy one are electric, meaning they can evolve them. Also the bottom floor is icy meaning you can evolve eevee into glaceon there.
When there just level up the Magneton and it should evolve, same goes for if you want to evolve Eevee at the bottom.

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Oh, so that’s the magnetic place in the Torren region, thank you so much so I’ll just evolve my Magneton