Where is the master ball

i cannot find the master ball i am in settlement alfa

there are, in total 3 master balls you can get.

  1. the first one is in the darkrai cultist base after you bump into malde in narra town. there in the room where persephone performs the ritual, use seed flare to access a previously unreachable place in the extreme south-east.
  2. you get the second one on completing diana’s parcel quest (go to the section about the parcel quest).
  3. you are given the last on by professor pine to go catch regigigas, tho you could just run/use another ball on it.

you can also farm master balls in sonata tracks by getting sponsored by devon corps. you have ~0.47% chance of getting a master ball as one of their rewards. ice tracks are the best since the ai constantly messes up so its easy to nab wins

thanks i am extremely thankful

no problem, enjoy your master ball

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