Where is the Magcaronite?

Hi, sorry to disturb you i’m new here. I was pretty lucky I got a modest Magcargo in the advendure, he’s now 248 EV HP, 230 EV SPA and 30 EV Speed.

I’m looking for the location of his megastone, if someone could help me. Thank you very much.

The Magcargonite is not yet available in game outside of a randomizer. That Mega Stone will be available in the next update.

Oh, :confused: Thank you.

you should get rid of the speed EVs since the mega has base 10 speed

I know he is very slow but i put some EV in speed to make Shell smash more interesting. How can can I reset EV BTW? Because I have a Timid delta charizard as a starter, IO tried to breed some good EV but with the adventure stuff and firts roads(poor Pokemon with Speed Ev et SPA EV given…).

buy ev resetter in secret base

Thank you guys! :smiley:


It’s not available in a randomizer.