Where is the Delta Pidgeotite?

I’m in the Delta Pidgeot shrine and have clicked everywhere but still can’t find the Delta Pidgeotite, anyone know how to find it?

Delta Pigeotite is in the cave east of Koril Town (Tessaract required), I found it by complete accident.

Ah, on the Wiki page for Samsara Cave it says that the Delta Pidgeotite is in the middle of the Delta Pidgeot Shrine. I’ve clicked both buttons on the statues but still no luck…

I just picked up Delta Pidgey as well and was wondering where exactly the middle of the shrine is lol…

Yeah where is the Delta Pidgeotite?

Delta pidgeotite is located in samsara cave you would need surf and tesseract. 1F, south entrance, in the middle of the delta pidgeot shrine

I found it

Congrats uwu