Where is the 8th gym? I'm stuck help

Hi, this is my first post on here and I’m hoping I get at least 1 reply. I’m currently stuck in Narra town and I spoke to some old guy in that cave down there. He (supposedly) told me where to go but I accidentally skipped the chat… Have been trying for 1 hour to go through with the story. Help please? Thanks in advance

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Go to the Darkrai cultist base.

Probably the worst question to ask in such an occasion but where is that again?:neutral_face:

Above telnor town, the right branch in shade forest.

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thanks so much!! how far along are you with the game?

I beat the pokemon league and now I’m just doing whatever’s in post game.

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Hi the 8th Gym is at Erebus City which is in the Dream realm btw