Where is Terminus cave?

i’ve been colecting all the zygarde cells and i don’t know where terminus cave is to get 1 of them

You get to Terminus Cave by accessing the Heart Swap statue in Naragex Forest in Void Gauntlet.

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I can’t find the entrance to it anywhere there.

Does this help?

Let me rephrase, I can’t find the entrance to Terminus Cave anywhere in the heart swap section of Narragex Forest.

For an answer to your question, make sure that 1) you are on 1.2.7 (terminus cave did not exist before 1.2.5), and 2) that you have actually completed the taen quest, as i would think that would trigger some sort of opening of that cave (not entirely sure about this one tho).

P.S this post is borderline necro, so in this case I would’ve just made a new topic for ur questions, as usually the ppl in posts older than 2+ months have moved on.