Where is reveal glass?

as title states

I think it was next to the house where you catch darkrai

i have no idea where that is, i just got to dragon ruins and decided to go back and catch thundurus :\

How far are you in the story?

i just defeated taen when he was making namehere, so basically pre 1.2 content

Tbh I think until you’ve beaten the e4, you can’t go many places. The place you need to go is the dream realm and that’s much further in game

yeah i’m aware.

When you do get to that part though, SPOILER

in the dream realm, once you catch/beat darkrai, leave the house and look around the area. It should be there

ok cool. do i get landorus before it or after it?

After, pretty sure he’s post e4, but there is a legendary guide on here if you want to make sure.

other than thundurus, mew and giratina, what other legends can be found pre e4?

I think that’s it tbh

:\ ok