Where is Kyreum?

I’ve been trying to catch Kyreum so that I can use my DNA splicer for a Black Kyreum. I found a guide that said that Kyreum was in the ice puzzle on victory road, but I haven’t been able to find him. If anyone knows whether the location as changed or if I’m just not looking at the right spot, I’d really appreciate it!

Kyurem Is found at the giant chasm

No I mean in Insurgence. That’s from Black and White.

if you go from the Pokemon League it`s the second cave where the Parasol Lady is located.

Thanks, one more question, in your picture the Kyreum is shiny, does it appear like that in static encounters or only when you battle it?

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Sorry for the confusion :sweat_smile:, it´s shiny because i have already caught it, Kyurem was the pokemon that was following me.

Ok thanks!