Where I find Delta Pikachu?

Yes, I’ve saw the Wiki. I know it is soaring. But I would like to know where you guys found it, so that I have where to look for it, and not just fly around without knowing where to go.

Sorry for any English mistakes, I’m Brazilian (HUEHUE BR)

It’s extremely random regarding where it spawns. It will only appear in torren, but that’s about it. It’s not guaranteed to spawn all the time and doesn’t have a spot where it’s more common than others. Just search the sky thoroughly and if you can’t find it, try again tomorrow.


Can’t you just Soft Reset until the Delta Pikachu spawns, rather than waiting until tomorrow?

I dunno how it works. Not sure if that’s a good way to do it.

Krammel just try Soft Resetting for the Delta Pikachu. Try doing it while you are soaring, and if it does not work, then Soft Reset from the town you are in before you soar