Where do you evolve Sliggoo?

Can anyone tell me where can you evolve Sliggoo cause I never seen an always raining place yet.

Anywhere, you just need to level up to 50 in insurgence, rain isn’t required.


So then is it required for Delta Sliggoo to evolve into Delta Goodra, or did the author of the Delta Sliggoo page pull that from the normal pokémon wiki?

My Sliggoo isn’t evolving and it has hit lvl 55.Do I need rain? from what i hear you do not need it but is there anyone that can confirm

try leveling it up at stormy seas theres overworld rain there

Hey man, I know you’re new, but please refrain from posting on old posts (necroing) since it will alert the OP 8 months after the last post

sorry for necroing, but new comers need to know this. if you give the sligoo a rare candy in whirl islands after it is level 50 it automatically evolves into goodra instead of wasting time to level it up. btw you can get rare candy in whirl islands anyways

thats the same as leveling up your just using an item. thats common knowledge lol but hey who knows it might help someone