Where do i go now?

so I’m on the part where you catch regigigas in holon and the mad dude goes to jail n stuff,where do I go from there?

I think you’re done with the Holon questline. Go back to the first settlement (I think) to get a Master Ball. You can do Orion’s storyline or go for the weather trio.

ye already did that,where do I go for orions questline may I ask?

Go to Suntouched and talk to Orion. He’ll say something about his Reshiram being stolen or something.

ive done that aswell xD but I didn’t get reshiram for some reason uh,so where do I head for the weather trio then :stuck_out_tongue: thanks for the help btw

Go to the volcano and some guy will say something about the Magma Stone. You’ll get Groudon and either Heatran or Volcanion (I recommend going for Heatran because Volcanion gets Explosion. You’ll be able to get Volcanion after E4 rematch). Go to Abyssal Base for Kyogre. Take both Groudon and Kyogre to the tower in Helios to summon Rayquaza. That unlocks the E4 rematch.

thanks a lot omw to abyssal base then

Wtf is volcanion doing with explosion