Where can you get 3rd Delta starter?

I already have all 3 plus Eevee w/ Eevite back when you could trade between save files on 1.0, but originally picked Delta Charmander. Obviously got the remaining Delta Bulbasaur from Sylvan after beating the E4 the first time (?).

Not sure how to get that Delta Squirtle though.

Damian gives it to you, however some people have said it’s bugged for them

Go back to the first city and battle the prof. If you win, you get the last delta pokemon + the mega stone

I have a Delta Charmander that I don’t want haha. if someone wants it, we can trade

Where do you find Damian?

I have already cured him in Dream World and done his quest in Abyssal base.

He’s in Erebus City iirc

I already met him in Erebus City where he gave me Shaymin.

Went back there cuz I was heading towards Nightmare Badlands to catch Deoxys, but don’t think Damian is in Erebus City anymore.