When will Patch 1.1.8/1.2.0 be Released

me and a Group of friends have played for about a Week now, and is wondering when the next update is getting released since its 3 months ago the last Update came out

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Read the FAQs before posting. Everyone on the dev team is tired of hearing “WHENS THE NEXT UPDATE AHHHH”. Suze mentioned that the next update will be the last in terms of content, so its gonna take a while. Theres no set release date. 3 months isn’t that long of a time so be patient please.


It’ll be out when it gets out.

I am patient, and its not like it needs to happen now i was just wondering…

I know you are, but with people constantly raving about when the next update is every few days, it gets a bit hard to respond to these questions with any sincerity. Like I said, check the FAQs before posting because I’m pretty sure its been mentioned there too.

i have read the FAQ and i cant see anything about the patch, and i will remember that to another time, but im kinda new so i dindt expect the patch thing to be such a big problem

Yeah sorry for the rudeness haha. Hopefully itll come out within this year, but depending on the situations of the artists and the coders it may take longer :frowning:

its okay :slight_smile: and okay, i have been on a Game Design school, so i know that things takes time so i have full understanding for it, but me and my friend started playing last week and we are really enjoying it so far :>

Thats good to hear. The next update should be huge so look forward to it :wink:

And You can always check pokemon zeta/omicron to ease the hype

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