When to soft reset? Shiny Starter

So i want to hunt a shiny starter.
My question is; Is it ok to soft reset, before entering the battle with damian? I mean you can see the eevee overworld sprite and if it would be shiny i would see it then right?

Thanks for the answers, this would save me a lot of time.

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Yes it will.
For reference, eevee’s overworld sprite does show up as shiny:

Wishing you good luck with your hunting :))!

Thank you! I was just worried it would not show properly, since in all the hunts i saw they always entered the battle vefore resetting.
But also it didn’t show the overworld sprite of the pokemon.

Hey Lenny I was just about to start shiny hunting my own shiny starter and I was wondering if you got the shiny and if it showed on the Sprite before the battle. Just making sure because i have my doubts

Lenny hasn’t been on since beginning of March, also don’t revive posts.