When do you gain access to the Black Market?

Hello all, recently discovered Pokemon fan games and heard great things about this one.

After about five hours of play I began to do some research into what I can expect later on gameplay wise. Which leads me to ask the question in the title since there look to be a lot of fun things to do there, by which I mean the Witchdoctor.

As far as an answer is concerned, could you give me a rough time stamp as to when I can expect to reach that location and/or after which Gym Badge the area becomes available.

With that said, I wish you all a fantastic day.

The location in which the Witchdoctor resides in is known as the black market. This is in a city, namely Helios City, that can be accessed pre-2nd gym leader (as the 2nd gym is this city). There are many useful items in the black market such as the expansion of the amount of available PC boxes in the PC and Exp Shares.

As for the Witchdoctor: " Witchdoctor

The Witchdoctor resides in the eastern-most house in the Black Market. This character creates special powders which allow the player to evolve Pokémon that would normally evolve through trade, assuming that all of their trading conditions have been met." (Insurgence wiki)

This is the link for more information about that area.

This is what I was looking for. Thank you friend!

No problem! Hope you enjoy the game! :smiley: