Whats next?

Does anyone have any suggestions for games to play after insurgence?
I enjoyed the darker and more mature story, the addition of deltas, and iv/ev training made easier to grasp and attainable.
Im not super into fakemon, I loved how insurgence handled adding deltas but not totally new ones.
Just nearing my playthrough of insurgence and dreading it!

Pokemon uranium is a very good game, but it doesn’t feature as dark of a story.

Pokemon zeta/omicron


Seconding Pokemon Uranium, Pokemon Empyrean is pretty good as well in my opinion, though at times it feels like it has too many features to keep track of.
Uranium has a dex made almost entirely of fakemon, so that might be something to be wary of, although I personally love them.
Empyrean has some fakemon, some regional variants, and a few new megas.

Can u send a link to pokemon empyryean (carnation1) I wanna try it


@Typhlosionchamp I don’t know if you’re still visiting this site. But Reborn is an amazing fan game with a darker story. It’s the best one out there in my opinion and it has a rather active dev team and community too (unlike insurgence, sadly)

Ok that’s nice