What's next I beat the champion for first time?

I have beaten the Champion for the first time and don’t know what to do next. I tried challenging E4 again but the guy said I was not ready yet. What to do?

Go to Koril town and do the scientist mission. Then walk around until you get a call. Go to suntouched city and then go to the bottom right to find the suntouched subway.

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which mission? The one at the early part of the game in defeating Kabutops? I didn’t get any mission since returning.

Ah, then just go straight to Suntouched subway.

There is a man guarding the door which says the subway is cornered by the public. :frowning:

Odd. Go to orion first and finish his story then.

In suntouched city there is only Reshiram and no Orion, any other area that he might be at?

Odd… you should have gotten a call from him.

Any Idea on what I should do now? Like what Orion asks to do. I might have missed his call.

He would have told you to meet him at his gym but that’s out of the question.

After I won the league, the game started at the front of the League entrance. From there I went to telnor town and fought the professor. Can you make up something with this? Did I miss something here?

I honestly don’t know anymore. I don’t think I can help

Okay, thanks mate.

Go back to the cave where you fought Mew.

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Thanks mate. It worked.