What's a good moveset for D. Hydreigon?

I just caught one, and it’s a female.

It knows Earth Power, Cross Poison, Glare, and Crunch. Should I replace Earth Power for EQ?

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You should use a totally special set because he have higher special attack than attack. Here are his base stats:


I also suggest you teach him Hyper Voice because is ability intoxicate works identically as Pixilate, turning it into Poison type and add 1,3X power and factoring the STAB afterwards.


It’s a Naive nature, though :[

a wild edit appeared: computer blue-screened and now it’s a lonely nature, still female.

so now what

a wild edit 2 appeared: should i run a mixed attacker D. Hydreigon or stay a pure Special attacker

wild edit 3 appeared: it’s got venomous. am i hecking hecked on that or something

Wild edit 4 appeared: nevermind i’m being stupid, it gets intoxicate when it is fully evolved xd
A wild edit 5 appeared: also i taught my D. Zweilous Venoshock. Is that a good thing

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Naive may actually work! If you run crunch for phsychic or Superpower for coverage against dark and normal.

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Delta Hydreigon is a prime special attacker, with Intoxicate making it a wonderful special wallbreaker.
Delta Hydreigon
-Hyper Voice
-Earth Power
Your choice of Fire Blast, Surf, U-Turn, Dark Pulse, Focus Blast, Dark Matter, Flash Cannon, Dragon Pulse or utility.
I don’t think a physical D. Hydreigon is worth to run since it lacks Dragon Dance and has amazing special coverage. Its your choice, though.

wait why not Tri Attack? is it because Hyper Voice bypasses substitute?

And what about Flamethrower? It has more accuracy than Fire Blast, but it’s weaker than Fire Blast


I also don’t recommend Dark Matter because of the charge turn.

oh ok

Yeah, I recommend DarkPulse instead.


so this is it’s moveset rn

is it good, and i taught it tri attack because if Hyper Voice runs out of PP, I still have a back-up poison-type STAB move.

Carrying multiple attacks of the same type generally isnt a good idea.

I would still say toxic/stealth rock/roost is a better option than tri-attack. If you are specifically going 4 attack for assault vest, giga drain/u-turn are better options.

it’s for a backup poison-intoxicate stab move if Hyper Voice runs out of PP

._ .

how can i get tri attack?