Whats a good build for delta noivern?

I am getting ready for the e4 and i was wondering what the bst build for delta noivern is before i go in so i can have the best team possible

if you can… just use delta snorelax… it is by far the best mon for the elite four

Im doing a egglocke rn and i am outta encounters

ok… i do not know then

Right now i running energy ball, flash cannon, nasty plot an dragon pulse max sp atk and speed EV and holding choice specs

Probably something along the lines of energy ball flash cannon nasty plot and dragon pulse/dark pulse/heat wave/signal beam/water pulse with either leftovers or life orb

No point in running nasty plot and a choice item


My build is
252 sp atk /252 speed /6 sp def
Solar power
Life orb
Flash cannon
Sunny day
It will be better to put a pokemon with drought before this pokemon like delta aggron