What would be a good team for the battle frontier

So, i want to get a shadow mewtwo from the battle frontier, and I’m not huge on competitive battling. I just wanted to know which are the best top tier Pokémon to use in the world championship (or whatever it’s called).
Ps : I’m looking to build a hyper offense team, as i don’t think i would be good in using stall

Delta gardevoir, excadrill, armored Tyranitar, Spiritomb has great attack if you get him to mega evolve, mega Chatot is pretty good, mega Marowak is a monster under trick room. I’m not that good at this but there’s a section on these forums for competitive battling. Those can tell you what’s really good.

There’s a common strat.

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Now that sounds unbeatable lol

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Yeah but you have to invest a lot of time into that.

Not really, all you need is Entrainment on Durant, the Arcanine, and the Blaziken. I didn’t train my Durant much, just a little speed.