What team should I use for Challenge Championship?

I really want delta Golett for the 'dex, and maybe even shadow Mewtwo, but I’m having a hard time beating all 3 trainers even once. Can somebody give me a good team?
My team right now:
D. Venusaur (mega stone) (Thunderbolt, Psychic, Moonblast, Sludge Wave)
Typhlosion (mega stone) (Dig [changing to earthquake], Headbutt, Eruption, Shadow Claw)
Azumarill (Superpower, Surf, Blizzard, Play Rough)
Mow Rotom (Leaf Storm, Thunder, Dark Pulse, Shadow Ball)
D. Muk (Earthquake, Shadow Ball, Sludge Wave, Iron Head)
Altaria (mega stone) (Earthquake, Fly, Moonblast, Dragon Pulse)

Mmm I see you have mixed movesets… While it’s not necessarly a bad thing, some of these pokémon aren’t really optimized to be mixer attackers.
I’d swap Azumarill’s Surf with Waterfall (or at the very least Aqua Tail, more power, less precision, your pick), even more if it has Huge Power (which is preferable imho, it’s a beast with it), in that case Blizzard isn’t optimal either, you could consider something like Power-up Punch or Belly Drum, the latter is more consistent but also way riskier, w/out Aqua Jet I wouldn’t recommend.
Muk’s Shadow Ball and Sludge Waves I guess are there to coverage, but if it’s a physical Muk (which it should, it has very low sp.Atk) you should consider switching them for something like Knock Off (same type coverage as Shadow Ball, not useless against normal AND utility in form of item removal) or Sucker Punch, to help its poor speed. For a poison move I’d recommend either Toxic (if you think to stall, it doesn’t look like but it’s a possibility) or Poison Jab!
Typhlosion on the other hand imho it’s better suited for special attacks, it can work as physical but… eh, idk…

Is that the team I should use?

Also what replacement moves would you suggest for Typhlosion? I feel like it only needs one Fire-type move, and can’t find any good coverage Special attacks.

Imo i don’t think you need the mega stone for typhlosion, since it’s ability boosts it’s special and you would need a rain or darkness team for it

what item should i give then

No, those are just some improvements I believe your overall team could make (•̀ᴗ•́)و ̑̑

Choice band or maybe scarf could work, if you really wanted to you coyld possibly give it life orb

The following is a pretty common strategy for the Challenge Championship which has been used by a lot of members of the Discord who know about it. It’s a pretty cheesy strategy, but works very effectively bar against a few problematic trainers. Feel free to ask any questions or struggles with the game in the #help-and-questions channel of the Discord if you’d like as well. Credits to A_Wild_Noob_Appeared for the strategy :>

The strategy involves using Entrainment first turn with Durant, and then hard switching into Delta Arcanine and alternating Protect / Swords Dance with Truant turns, then sweeping with Extreme Speed / Earthquake. Delta Blaziken provides great cleanup if Delta Arcanine ever goes down.

CC Team

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Thank you very much. Also I don’t have Discord, although I’m hoping to get it soon, both for things like this and trading.

Side note: Prob not gonna do EV and nature hunting, too much time

Yeah it works great