What team for Challenge Championship?

The title really says most of it, doesn’t it?

What competitive team of three would be the best in the Challenge Championship?

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I have two teams, the one everyone is using and my team
First Team:
HA Durant/Choice Scarf/252 Speed EV /Entrainment/other moves don’t matter lol

HA delta Blaziken/Don’t know what item lol /Brave Bird /Swords Dance/Protect/Psycho cut(I think it gets it)

HA Delta Arcanine/Don’t know the item lol/Don’t know EV spreads lol/Extreme speed/Swords Dance/Protect/Coverage Move

Now here is my team:
(The Durant I mentioned earlier)

HA Blaziken/Life orb( I have amulet coin for money lol) or Wide lens( May be zoom lens, I don’t remember the items name) /Swords Dance/Protect/Flare Blitz or Blaze Kick/ Hi Jump Kick or Sky Uppercut

Mega Gyarados/Gyaradosite/Dragon Dance/Protect/WaterFall/Crunch

My team is not the best, but is surely useful @Egill

The “best” team or most reliable was developed by A_Wild_Noob_Appeared.

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That man has saved me hours of my life @ezlaturbo .this strat is literally amazing

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