What should i swap these pokemon with?

I kinda only like Haxorus, Gardevoir and D.Charizard, im gonna swap Arcanine for Typhlosion as soon as i get to Sonata City, should i change lucario or keep it?
Nidoking is the one im 100% removing

Let me see Lucario’s stats. I kept mine well into post-story. I still use him often.

Lucario can be underwhelming without its mega, I personally would grab an Excadrill or Scizor as they are very good throughout the game. If you’re keeping Charizard, you should mega it, but if you want Typhlosion, it’s very good with its mega, so Zard might not be great in the later game. If you decide not to get Typhlosion, there is a Delta Litwick near where you can get Typhlosionite, so that may be worth checking out. If you want a good grass type to finish the Fire/Water/Grass core, you can get D. Snorlax, it’s very good.

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The only reason I kept my Lucario was bc of his really high stats.

Well, it is good for the earlier parts of the game, but it does start to get outclassed by other steels and fightings later on.

True, but he was also faster than most enemies so his high attack and Aura Sphere made sure he didn’t get hit too often.