What should i add to my team?

I only have three Pokémon in my team so far and i am about to fight Audrey (again) any suggestions? (Pokémon that can only be acquired later are ok too)image

i would say delta snorlax would be perfect. a bulky grass type would be great against her. and i always suggest greninja since it can be great on any team.

You really need Delta Gallade on the team because you are going to face Primal Kyogre, which is more weaker on the defensive side than its special defense. A couple of Thunderpunches will be enough, and Gallade has high enough Special Defense to take its attacks.


I´ll replace Delta scizor for it!

No need to replace it, since you have only three Pokemon

Actually i am at the water gym now and added some other pokemon. Scizor is too slow for me so thats why i said that i want to replace her image I am gonna remove mew too

Oh that’s a lot of progress you made lol. Get Delta Cyndaquil from the Satellite Tower, which is in the route before Amphitrite City. There’s a mega stone for delta Typhlosion there too. And make sure you get TM 25 Thunder (I think you buy it at Helios Department store). When you mega evolve Delta Typhlosion, it becomes stronger in the rain and transforms. Give it Thunder since the water gym leader uses a Rain team, and Thunder does not miss. Trust me, this mon will help a lot :slight_smile:

How do i rotate the pieces for the puzzles?

Your run key I believe.

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