What sets are you guys running on delta volcarona?

I’ve seen a bold, bulky, max defense, split hp and special attack one with toxic spikes. Though that doesn’t seem to be the norm.

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i have a D volcarona with absolution and D volcarona armor as a item,a life orb is good too.

nature : timid 252sp atk 252 speed

moves are :

sludge bomb

lunar cannon


aura sphere,

i have another volcarona with levitate and replaced lunar cannon with dark pulse,nature,evs and other moves dont change.

i used to run dark pulse sludge wave aura sphere and physic. i didnt know it could get roost so i guess roost would replace aura sphere (timid nature with levitate) i dont train its Evs but if i did 252spatk 252 speed and 4spdef