What program should I run Insurgence on?

I accidentally set up Insurgence to where it runs on Windows media center, what should I run it on instead?

Uh, you just have to run the “Game” application(a sun symbol icon), no fancy stuff.

I can’t do that, if I run it on the RGSS player, It makes everything else I open Insurgence instead of what I was trying to open instead. I have VERY basic computer knowledge and I’m not sure how I get it to run properly, also, my PC is now always playing the Insurgence title screen music constantly.

Holy, that’s a problem. Could you send a screenshot? I’m still not sure on what you mean.

I probably have the same level of computer knowledge as you lol, afaik just click the application and it runs.

I can’t take screenshots on my PC. I have fixed the Audio problem, but my computer still runs either Google or Insurgence whenever I open any documents. Where it says open on your PC, there’s an option to choose what the game and anything else that can be edited to run on another program should run on. I can work on it more now though, I have tried hitting the windows icon in the bottom left corner of my screen and going into default programs to change what program everything runs on, but that wasn’t the problem. I think that whatever I have games and things that can be ran on other programs set up on is what everything else is also set to.

I honestly have no idea how to help. :sad:

Your problem with your computer only running a few applications probably isn’t an Insurgence exclusive thing, try googling your problem to perhaps find a solution.

Afaik, applications run when, well, you tell it to run, it shouldn’t ask you what to run it on, because it’s the application, but I dunno.