What pokemon deserves master ball?

I’m just wondering what pokemon you guys used the master balls on.

uhh i used mine on arceus but honestly a better use for it would be a.to use it on shiny legends, in my case a shiny zygarde which im still hunting, or b.to use it on bredmons cuz it gives you the option to change pokeballs but if you choose master ball it wont actually consume a master ball. dunno if it works for other balls but yeah

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For shinies u can just use shiny balls tho

yeah but thats not a flex

maybe shadow mewtwo?

or arceus as bogga did.

arceus also had perish song in 1.2.3 or earlier iirc so thats another reason to use perish song

I would say Regigigas, Arceus, Giratina and Shadow Mewtwo.

im saving mine for shadow mewtwo but ill use it in any shiny legend i find.

hope the shadow is shiny cause it looks sick.

but im not the guy to shiny hunt so probally wont be.

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