What pokemon am I missing?

So I saw someone that had almost finished the pokedex (only missing Kyurem) and he/she had 919/920.
I don’t have Ho-oh, because of a bug with tesseract, and obviously, I don’t have Kyurem. That still leaves 2 pokemons missing. I think the missing are supposedly to be between d. Emolga and d. Foongus, but on the wiki there was nothing between them (Emolga is 896 and Foongus is 899) Someone that may know what’s missing? Thanks!

Delta Karrablast and Delta Escavalier. The next time you can find Delta Karrablast (in Holon Grasslands) is September 6th.

are there any delta pokemons that need to evolve by friendship?

Riolu, Buneary, Budew and Munchlax, though Buneary is evolving with low friendship.


ok thanks