What is the best pokemon with Mild nature?

I wanna hunt something and have a Synchronizing Mild kirlia. So what should I shiny hunt?

nothing really, mild and it’s counterpart are pretty much useless natures.
Hasty and naive are 10x better

EDIT even then those natures are still pretty niche, mainly being used for mixed mons like mixtini, mixfernape etc

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“Mixtiny, Mixfernape”
Wow , just, wow

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there’s also mixmence, mixdoom and the list goes on

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Mixdoom? You mean mixed houndoom?


How about Impish? Is any mon good with impish?

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Delta Bergmite , (Delta) Registeel ,Gligar and some other mons are very good with impish lol
(They are quite a lot) @Firefiber733339

Okay. Thanks @GiaPeNiw

Does anyone have a Timid synchronizer?

i do