What is pokerus?

I’ve noticed so many people asking about pokemon with pokerus. My question is what exactly does it do? Does it incease EV yield, increase stats just like that, or something else? Also, how can I spread it ? Can it be done it the pokemon with pokerus is a delta?

pokerus makes your pokemon gain double EV yield.It means for example, you are fighting a sawk that gives 2 atk ev per battle, you will gain 4 instead,

pokerus also spreads to adjacent pokemon, so it’s always advisable to keep an active strain in a PC box, in order to have it for future pokemons to use. a pokerus strain can be active for 1 to 4 days, once inactive it will still do it’s work but will now be unable to spread to nearby pokemon.

Lesss explained it pretty well. Essentially it’s a virus that infects your pokemon and enhances it’s growth as Lesss Said. You can get it from encountering a pokemon in the wild that has it, or from a pokemon on your team that has it infecting the pokemon adjacent to it in the team. As a clarification, any pokemon with pokerus that is stored in the PC will not lose the ability to spread it. So it’s good to have a few mons stored away that keep the strain active.

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why my delta wooper cannot infected another pokemon

the pokerus from the mystery gift is a dead strain. if you want an active pokerus strain i can give you one.

Well, that answers my query (which was not made public) as well. Thanks Lesss !

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