What is mega d.blastoise based on?

i have always thought that M.D.blastoise looked like a murderer who is going to cut you with his knife like claws but i am not so sure that is blastoise’s design inspiration so can you tell me what it is based on or what you think it is based on.

(P.S. Except Blastoise)

Bowser? lol. It does look like TMNT kinda, which does fit the type.

non shiny

but hey, that’s a good theory, a sprite theory

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It’s based on a generation-one Pokémon called “Blastoise”



I’m correct

It’s hard to argue with his assessment

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i have another theory that the devs just wanted to make a selfish blastoise delta to go with the memes and that why they made a dark delta.

true point

i might be uncultured but what f*ing meme

the shellfish(selfish) blastoise since blastoise is the shellfish pokemon according to the pokedex

ah. its not a meme but ig it makes sense

it is still kinda a meme that blastoise is shellfish