What is best team for e4?

i need help with e4, they keep wrecking me over and over again, can someone help. Also my starter is delta blastoise

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I always recommend 2 things: Taunt and D.Gardevoir/Gardevoir holding a choice Scarf.

Taunt it straight forward, it totally shuts down Kyla whole team and Eduard’s Hippodown. Taunt block Baton Pass, then it’s up to you to clean your way through. Moreover, if that taunt user has Trace like Gardevoir, you will copy Smeargle’s Moody and slowly boost your stats over time. If that taunt user is levitating like Gengard, then Eduard’s Hippo cannot do anything to you at all.

Choice Scarf Gardevoir and Choice Scarf Delta Gardevoir can simply click a move and destroy the champion’s team by themselves. With the Choice Scarf, they can outspeed any unboosted Pokémon. Then, use Moonblast/Ice Beam/Thunderbolt.
Only D.Volcaronna will be a problem, but can be dealt with by teammate, a Mold Breaker user with Earthquakes is the jackpot.

Plus, Gardevoir has Trace and can copy enemies ability, so she can outspeed anything under Sandstorm if she copies Sand Rush or under Hail with Ice Sleets.

What is your team currently? Next time, put this on the “Team Discussion” category.

My team rn is Greninja with the ability proean and idk a moveset currently, delta haxorus with heavy slam, aqua tail, ice fang, crunch, mega delta blastoise with dark pulse drain punch scald aura sphere and thats about all i got rn

Can you it as a list, like:

  • Item (Ability) Pokémon Move1, Move2, Move3, Move.
  • Item (Ability) Pokémon Move1, Move2, Move3, Move.
  • Item (Ability) Pokémon Move1, Move2, Move3, Move.

I usually ask the Nature too, but since I guess you don’t play in hard mode it isn’t that important.

Greninja Life Orb, Scald, Ice beam, smack down, ariel ace

Delta haxorus, choice band, heavy slam, ice fang, crunch, aqua tail

Delta blastosie, D. Blastoiseite, Dark Pulse, Aura sphere, drain punch, scald

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Also the greninja has protean

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Give greninja dark pulse instead of smack down, it is far stronger and becoming a dark type is better than becoming a rock type

Also, give your blastoise nasty plot instead of drain punch

Let me get to my computer, I’ll do an In-Depth analysis…

is there a tm for nasty plot?

No, a move tutor in the dream real, but he learn it by level so you can ask the move relearner

for greninja is dark pulse a tm only or is it a level up move

Also bout your Delta hax, ice fang really sucks even when it has strong jaw. So replace it with another move, also replace heavy slam with iron head.
There is a tm for dark pulse but I don’t remember where, u can search that into the wiki

the reason i keep heavy slam is because delta haxorus is rlly heavy and does more than iron head sometimes

SOME times, not always

also i have no more heart scales left

ALRIGHT! Time for an deep analysis… but first,

You can get some Heart Scale at Korill town. There are some rocks there. Break them and you will get items ranging from fossils to Heart Scales and IV Stones.

You will need some upgrades for your secret base to follow my advices. In perticular, the EV Trainer, the EV resetter, the Level Trainer and if possible, the IV Changer.

i have all those

Nevermind, gona get my cat outside. May take an hour if she doesn’t run away. I’ll try on my phone, but it will be slower.

also my delta haxorus is level 107 and delta blastoise is 91 and greninja is level 70, still training it