What game should I play after this?

Are there any other Pokemon games for PC/Mac (besides Uranium, that’s next) that you guys recommend?

Reborn is pretty good, it’s not complete yet, (All 18 badges are done, but E4 and Champion are still in development) but it still has ~70-80 hours of content if you do all of the sidequests.

Nice, I’ll check it out. 18 gyms sounds fun!

If you want some fakemon and a complete game, Pokemon solar light and lunar dark is a good choice. Plus shinys are so common, you can get one in almost every area. I have 3 shinys already!!

Cool! I’ll check both of those out.

Ok, I don’t follow if fangames are completed and what not, so you should double check before starting something, but the list of games I currently have on this pc is:

  • Empyrean
  • Infinity
  • Phoenix Rising
  • Reborn (started, very cool, a bit depressing)
  • Sage
  • Solar Light & Lunar Dark
  • Spectrum

and Insurgence and Uranium, that are the only ones I actually finished lol of these I absolutely suggest you to try those in bold! They made the best first impression on me (•̀ᴗ•́)و ̑̑

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I have sage and spectrum and they are only demos.

Thanks so much, sounds like I’ll have my hands full!

While I don’t believe this has been mentioned, I’d also like to throw my hat in for Pokémon Rejuvenation. Inspired similarly by Reborn and with a similar difficulty level, is extremely well made and beautiful. Enormous amounts of gameplay, with up to 18 gyms (14 are released, I believe) and hours upon hours of in-depth content and lore and gameplay. Fun, challenging, and memorable, and definitely worth a shot in my opinion.

Thanks! All of these sound amazing!

Ok it’s kinda necromancy but 6 days aren’t too bad… right? Sorry, I just found this cool little game called Pokéngine and it’s a very early beta (they don’t even have status moves coded) but the potential is huge. And I mean: huge.
Also, not quite a fangame, but PokéMMO let’s you play some hack roms with the twist of a (guess what) MMO. Kinda cool, I’ve lost more than few months on it lol


Thanks! Right now I’m helping my sister with a randomizer, but all of these games sound pretty cool!