What flying type to get?

I’m close to the second gym!

What types do you already have on your team?


A Golbat could be good against the second gym, you can get a Zubat in Dark Cave or Midna Mine. You could also get a Woobat at Midna Mine, or a Natu in Suntouched City if you trade for a Butterfree. You could catch a Magikarp to get a Gyarados. Charmander can appear in the Hidden Grotto on Route 3, but you probably can’t evolve it to Charizard before Vipik. I could also send you an Archen, lol

Sorry for not narrowing it down much, just wanted to inform you of your options! I did leave some out (Mantine, Fearow, Wingull… could be forgetting some). The wiki is very helpful for seeing what Pokemon are available in each route.

:open_mouth: Tahank you :smiley:

I think i’ll get a golbat

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Nice! I do really like Crobat. Good luck against the gym!

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I just got a zubat :smiley:

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Moxie Gyarados is actually a very good sweeper against the Elite 4. You can get Moxie via the friend safari.