What Eevee evolve is the best?

So i decided to chose Eevee as my starter bcs back when i was playing it the first time (never played the whole thing just like 1/4 of it maingame) i always choosed Delta pokemons. But now im wondering what Eevee i should go for. I personaly like grass type so maybe leafeon but ik whenever i got for something i like/sounds interesting it fails so prob not that. Also normal eevee sounds interesting bcs it has its own mega evolve but i dont like normal types.
So what Eevee i should chose?

Keep it as an Eevee. Protean Maxima is an amazing ability. It essentially gives you access to all the Eeveelutions, based on what moves you give it.
So if you don’t like Normal Types, you’re in luck; just don’t give your Eevee any Normal Type moves when you Mega Evolve it.

thanks man really appreciate that