What do i do after beating the game (randomizer)

so i’ve beaten the game and rematched the e4 (groudon/kyogre combo, giratina/regigigas combo)
did the quests
what now

Holon probably.

Complete dez and shiny hunt after getting shiny charm.

already did that

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U can’t complete the Dex in a randomizer cause u can’t encounter missingno @Firefiber733339

Ohhh…he is playing a randomizer?

Ok lol! I was just stupid.


its in the title lol


Yeah. I did not read. Usually people do not finish the whole game in randomizers…they play until e4 and then stop. So I assumed something smh…

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Well on here they usually just stop posting for one reason or another.

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yeah i committed to it


Seems like it

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