What are your thoughts on Delta Sunkern

Hey Everyone. So I recently decided to give my Delta Sunken a whirl and overall I’m impressed. Fire / Poison makes for an interesting combo and it has a moveset that I really like with options like ingrain, Absorb, flamethrower, sludgebomb, acid armor, and other such things. It seems like it’s a good stall pokemon to me. Though, I have watched a luxray just destroy her with a single move… The ground weakness is a pain too, but I have a few ice types that would love to punish any pesky ground types that threaten her. (Delta Scyther in particular enjoys destroying rock and ground types with his STAB moves). Keep in mind, my Delta Sunkern has roughly similar stats across the board (with Atk, sp. Atk, Def, and Sp. def all within 4 points of one another.)

Delta sunkern has really weak stats, but d. sunflora is quite good.