What are the challenge runs?

I’m sorry if I’m in the wrong forum I’m new. can someone explain what the differences between each individual challenge run?


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Thank you very much! This is my first play through. going to run with Nuzlocke. I understand the general consensus is that you should run through normally. But i’m looking for some excitement. so a challenge mode on a totally new game would be cool.

Nice! Be warned however, this game is a lot harder than normal pokemon.

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Thanks! I played pokemon Uranium but other than that I haven’t played any of the fan made pokemon games. And I didn’t even get very far into uranium because something happened to the program, got corrupt or something.

I have another question for you if you don’t mind. How do I get to the mystery gift? All I can see it the Game.exe function. I don’t see the launcher anywhere.

Figured it out jk.