What are level caps

And how do they affect xp gain?

you can only get up to level 120.

No problem.

Level caps do not affect xp

Then what are they?

u can only level to the highest level mon of the next gym

the max level you can get b4 the next gym

Side note, there is only a level cap on hard mode

Not only be4 the next gym, before “boss battles”

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That is a hard level cap for hard mode, in normal and easy, there is a soft level cap which reduces exp gain when overleveling.

Like the one in black and white I believe @ezlaturbo

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Level caps are two different things, there’s a hard level cap enforced on Hard Mode that if you reach that level you only gain 1EXP for each mon defeated, so basically you’re forced to stay at that cap until you defeat the boss. The Hard Mode level caps are based on the highest levels of the next upcoming boss, so once you beat one boss, the cap level will adjust accordingly to the next.

On both Normal and Easy though, there’s a soft level cap that only applies to mons that have been traded to you or don’t have your OT. This is the disobedience cap, where if they pass a certain level they’ll start to disobey you, and the cap increases with every gym badge you obtain.


Ok, thanks. I thought it meant soft level cap as in BW and completely forgto about obedience cap.