What after beating prof maple?

what after beating prof.maple?

You finished the Holon side story. If you already beat Taen at the dragon ruins a second time, return to the perfection base.

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Do I have to do something special at the base because Reuka is not there( I bet taern at the dragon ruins and beat maple but there is nothing in the base

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So I am guessing that is a bug, and is the complete dragon kyurem in the game or was it just teased?

It was teased. The original dragon is indeed kyurem.

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Darn I was hoping to see the complete dragon in all its glory

a bug!? i don’t what to do after beating prof.maple??

Go back to the perfection base.

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Because I don’t see any mention of this here, you also need to return to the Dream Realm and finish your business there before anything with Reukra reappears in the Perfection Base.

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WOW i will try that now thanks :slight_smile:

ok thank you