Well,this is my first sprite!

i have just made a slight modification to delta gardevoir as i did not like it before.Please tell me if anything is wrong.!
I hope u guys like it!!!


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there is nothing here…

Wow its great, its so amazing… oh wait there’s nothing there…

that cos something went wrong

sorry can see it now

It looks great. Do you plan to make any others?

I dont know which pokemon to edit

Plz tell me

How about Mega Delta Charizard? The wings irk me a little bit…

I could not do too much to the original sprite, so I re coloured it a bit and then took off the huge claw-like thingy.
I hope it is good!

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Weirdly that feels better without the claws thanks!

I will make a new post to do these requests… Feel free to ask!

Wow it actually looks really good